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Domina Elle - Pro Domme Mistress Denver Colorado:>                            Are you curious? 

Domina Elle ProDomme Mistress I am Domina Elle and I am also known as 'The Balloon Mistress'.

Be sure to read through my Bondage Forum which features recent photos and updated information!

I am a very enthusiastic sex positive play facilitator otherwise referred to as a Dominatrix. I am a 'Dominant Surrogate'.

I have quite the 'well lubricated imagination'!

I proudly and shameLESSly offer truly engaging, exciting and highly erotic sessions.

I am a Dominatrix and Fetishist who thoroughly enjoys a myriad of BDSM play. I am into Latex Fetish, Leather, Suspension, Corporal, OTK, CBT, Light to Extreme Bondage, Chastity, Spanking, Flogging, Balloon Fetish, inflatables, Sploshing, Cross Dressing, Medical scenarios and role-play, foot and boot/shoe fetish, Caning, Slave Training, Forced Feminization, nylon fetish, scenarios involving your total loss of control and mobility, public scenarios, group scenarios, extended sessions, and many other Fetish Interests.

I approach each person and the scenario involved as being completely unique.

My fully equipped play studio / dungeon is centrally located in Denver Colorado. My dungeon is a playground for the adult imagination!

My play studio is discreet, and is one of the most fully equipped in Colorado. You will not be disappointed! Some of my equipment includes: 12 foot suspension frame with electric winch, stocks, tall standing cage, St. Andrews cross, spanking saddle, a wide variety of clinic equipment, exam tables, gurney, bondage tables, bondage chair, VAC-bed for extreme bondage and a myriad of implements. I have nearly 3,000 square feet of play space featuring multiple rooms.

If you are interested in seeing more photos of me, I do have quite the gallery on my profile is Domina_Elle.

Fetlife is a bdsm networking site also known as the facebook of bdsm. I participate in fetlife as a member of the kink community. I prefer having a gallery where people must register in order to access it in order to assist in keeping underage persons from accessing material that is not age appropriate. Fetlife is a free site to join. I enjoy fetlife as the worlds largest 'live' encyclopedia of kink, bdsm, and all things fetish. The 'Fet' community provides a view into human sexuality that is very unique.

Denver Lifestyle Domme

I Truly Enjoy what I do as a proffessional Dominatrix!

I love facilitating 'fantasies' into 'realities'!

Once you get up the nerve to call, you will find that I am very easy to talk with.

It is important that boundaries of trust and safety be established right away.

For me, being dominant is my natural state of being, something I am with or without bdsm. I am in no way your stereotypical Dominant; I have been told by many of the kinky people / submissives that I have met, that I have a very unique approach.

I am very intuitive and love being able to communicate without words. I deeply enjoy the psychological aspect of Domination. I am very sensual, playful, direct, uninhibited, I have a wonderfully wicked imagination, and I simply will not engage in a session that I know will not excite me, or that I find to be unhealthy. you will know that I am genuinely enjoying myself as I am commanding the scene, as I tend to be very expressive! To sum it up, I want us both to have an excellent time together.

Every session should be a special event. The session should be engaging, exciting, erotic, fun, and an escape from the norm. I also intend for the session to be therapeutic; an escape from the stress of daily life.

Once you decide you would like to speak with me about scheduling a session, give me a call.

I also ask that you sit down and write an email to me, including thoughts regarding what you would like to experience, as well as any fantasies you have enjoyed. Send your writing to This is not a hard requirement, however it is very helpful. Do not ask me for illegal services.

Feel free to call me between the hours of 10am and 11pm only.

When you call, I will ask questions regarding what your interests and limitations are; I will inform you of my interests and my limits.

I do not list my fee here. I am happy to discuss the fee with you when you call. You will need to call me for this information. I do not play money games. I have a flat fee based on the duration of the session, tips are not necessary.

Once you have scheduled a session I ask that you be on time, not early and not late. Please call if you need to cancel, reschedule or if you are running late. I certainly understand that things happen and I appreciate people who respect my tme and energy.

I enjoy a wide range of fetishes though I do not engage in anything that I find unhealthy or destructive or that which is illegal.

I am a very engaging Dominant, I will push you. I will take you to the next level.

If you are not into pain, I will respect this. Many people are not interested in experiencing pain (imagine that). I do enjoy a masochist when I find them! Pain, when employed in a bdsm scenario is not something I take lightly or approach carelessly.

Yes means yes, no means no, maybe means: lean into it. When a person is new to bdsm, they are still exploring and discovering what their limits may or may not be. This is one reason communication is so important. We will always communicate before a scenario begins and throughout you should feel that you can express what you feel. Everything is consensual or it is not taking place.

My Play Studio is well equipped. I possess much of the standard Dungeon equipment you would hope to find, as well as some pieces that are very unique. My Dungeon is stylish, spacious and clean. I want you to enjoy the environment knowing you are safe being there, but in addition I want you to forget where you are, allowing me to take you into a deep level of subspace.

Most important, more important than any equipment I could have, is my imagination. I am one of the most innovative and creative Dominatrices you could meet and I can't wait to confirm this for you!

There is more to know about me, and much more for us to explore and enjoy. I hope to hear from you soon!

~Domina Elle

Denver Domme

More About Your Mistress: My Background & Influences

Strap-On Training And Discipline I was born in Oklahoma (when I lived there I was always being asked what country I was from, lol) I was very much an artist and was involved in music and theater. I attended Booker T. Washington school for the talented and gifted before earning a full scholarship to attend Parsons school of Design N.Y.C.

While living in N.Y.C., I worked as a fashion model appearing in Details magazine, N.Y. Fashion magazine, Italian Vogue and performed in numerous East Village fashion shows for local designers such as Betsey Johnson.

In addition I worked as an artist doing installations in various nightclubs such as club El Mundo (The World) and the Limelight Club in both N.Y. and London, while dancing until 10am almost every night. I worked as hostess in the V.I.P. lounge at club El Mundo. I appeared in Coke-a-Cola commercial as an extra (remember the one where the kid catches the ball and everyone sings "coke is it!?" LOL). I worked posing as a mannequin in an East Village clothing store modeling the designs of artist Peter Max. His clothing designs at that time were made of PVC and some were inflatable! I am currently trying to find some of these pieces, please let me know if you are aware of where I might get my hands on some!

I hung out in the East Village during the eighties and was one of the 'club kids'. Andy Warhol often frequented the club's VIP room, and somewhere in his Estate are photos of your's truly that he took, I would love to see them.

I moved to London England at age 21, where I was first introduced to latex and ended up absolutely loving it (craving it might be a better way to put it). I was walking down King's Road and wandered into a little shop where latex was being sold. I will never forget it. I wanted some sooooo bad!!

I worked as a receptionist and on the art staff at Club Limelight, London.

In 1987 I became a massage therapist specializing in deep tissue massage and myofascial release. I discovered that people hold their stress in their bodies along with other forms of trauma (emotional and physical). The work I do as a pro dominant is an extension of what I did as a massage therapist only this is a LOT more fun and deals with sexuality which is a very important aspect of a persons over all well being. I continued this work until I became a pro Dominant. I still give an awesome massage (especially if you like deep tissue work).

I lived and worked in Kings Canyon National Park at age 24 for six months. I love those big old trees!

I love music, especially dance music such as break beats, electro, funky beats and other techno beats. I also love 80's techno. I often listen to classical music during my sessions.

I enjoy theater, going to museums and eating excellent food. My favorite local dining in Denver is Vespa's.

I collect robots, designer vinyl toys, objects in the shapes of hands, hearts, and eyes. I LOVE kitchen applainces and tools, especially antique kitchen items such as odd cookie cutters (I've been told that I have a serious baking problem).

I collect balloons and inflatables from all over the world not to mention LATEX clothing.

I also collect original art by other artists.

My favorite flowers are the Morning Star Glory as well as the Orchid.

I prefer milk chocolate.

My favorite foods are Mexican and Italian (spicy like ME).

I love to create art (fetish and otherwise). When I paint I use spray paints, airbrush, paint markers and acrylics, I also love colored pencil work.

I spend a great deal of time researching a variety of topics. I am so thankful to Al Gore for creating the Internet!!! (Of course I am being sarcastic) Some of the topics I enjoy: science, metaphysics, quantum physics/mechanics, string theory, religion and spirituality of all kinds, the ocean and ocean life, art, world cultures, BDSM, human sexuality, sex workers rights, psychology, law, ancient civilization, the Disclosure project's activities, U.F.O.s, images from space, Clemetine Satellite images, Nasa STEREO images, SOHO images, different theories and philosophies about life, the origins of life, the mysteries of life, LIFE! haha. In fact, my brain can't get emough! I LOVE LEARNING!

I love visiting 'Fetish Planet' but I do not 'live' there 24/7. Life requires healthy boundaries, balance and perspective as well as priorities. I believe that all things are connected and that the more consciously and responsibly that we live, the better life will be for us as a species. And no matter what our differences are....

we can find a way to give each other room to be who we are.


I wish people were telepathic. There would be no lies and deceptions.

I moved to Denver over 10 years ago. I love Denver! It has the charm of a small town and the intensity and culture of a larger city. I love the architecture found in Denver.

I am a people person, it's very easy for me to build a connection with those I engage.

I have lived a very adventurous and interesting life and it just keeps getting better! There are always tests and trials but we must face them with miles and miles of smiles.

I am a very real person, I have a family like everyone else, and there are people, ideas, places and things that I hold as sacred.

I may be a Dominatrix (talking to those who judge) but I have values, standards, ethics, and principles. I also believe in living by a code of honor.

I care about the condition of the the world as well as my fellow human beings. I am very concerned about the state of things at this time which is why I want to contribute something positive and REAL.


In regard to all that is kinky, I was young when I first began having fantasies that involved bondage, heels, and other kinky scenarios, long before I would act on them. Having talked with many other kinksters I have found this to be the case with other people as well. As a teenager I began to dress my male friends in my clothes which I enjoyed very much. I was sixteen when I tied someone up for the first time. None of these scenarios involved sex, rather an intense psychological scenario that I enjoyed which excited me. Later, when I moved to NYC I was 'officially' introduced to bdsm. Several years later when I moved to London England I would find LATEX and more exposure to bdsm. It all made perfect sense to me. Finding this lifestyle has been a very positive and enlightening experience.

I enjoy introducing bdsm to other people. Kinky activities can be an amazing catalyst for personal growth as well as a path to a more liberated understanding of one's self and one's sexuality.

Escape the shame!

I feel very fortunate to do what I do and that I enjoy it so very much!

~Domina Elle

Dominant Denver Mistress Elle

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