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I maintain a wishlist for those people who are inspired to send a gift or those who desire to bring a gift when they come to play. It is always lovely when a submissive chooses to do so, but in no way is this a requirement. If you are able to schedule a session, this in itself is the investment I want you to make and one that will benefit us both on multiple levels.

This information is also provided for those people who tribute me for phone sessions because they cannot travel to meet with me in person.

I am extremely grateful for your contributions to my kinky world! I hope you know how wonderful it is for me to know that you are thinking of me!

So what does Domina Elle desire?

Fresh Flowers! I enjoy having fresh flowers in the Studio. Bring a bouquet of fresh flowers and receive a special reward!

Want to see me get REALLY excited?! ART SUPPLIES!!!!!!

As you should know, I absolutely LOVE latex.

Latex fashions, latex balloons, latex, latex, latex! I do have favorite latex designers and I list some of them below. If you yourself desire some latex, I can direct you in the right direction, for quality and price. Gift certificates are best, because I am able to design items that I will truly love. I enjoy custom latex the most. My current favorite latex designers are ego assassin, scarletbliss, and I also like westward bound due to their massive selection. Gift certificates can be purchased by using the links below. Kink Engineering offers bolts of latex to make your own clothes as well as the most amazing vac-beds currently on the planet in my opinion.

BALLOONS. Yes, I love and collect latex as well as foil (Mylar) balloons. Why? Well why not?? I am a latex fetishist and I love latex balloons. I am what is known as a 'Looner' or 'balloon fetishist'. I will fill my home with balloons (balloon room!!!) and I suggest you try this sometime especially if you get down or need a positive 'jolt' for any reason whatsoever. I call it 'preventative medicine' in my case, HA. The beauty of balloons and the positive emotions they often evoke is my focus. They make me laugh and smile! I collect balloons from all over the world. My favorite balloon manufacturers are GUMMIWERKS (Germany), and RIFCO (Italy). I use balloons in my dungeon play on occasion. More often I use balloons at the fetish events that I perform at, as well as other sex positive events. I put people inside of huge balloons. I have often done this at private parties where we will see how many naked or semi-naked people we can get inside of a single balloon. Talk about an ice breaker! Everyone has an absolute blast (plus, depending on the venue or location it can get pretty SEXY!!).

I love gas masks, military uniforms, anything 'military' even the containers used for ammo for instance. (By the way, if you were or are in the service and show up in your military uniform for your session this will be very pleasing for me!! In addition, I offer to all women and men who have served or who serve, a 'military discount' so do not hesitate to ask.)

I adore very high heels and boots! 7.5 or higher is preferred!! Size 9. Black, red, clear.

I collect vintage medical equipment. I am currently seeking a medical privacy screen for my 'medical room'.

Helpful links:

Many people over the last decade have contributed to making my play studio what it is. Every time I use something that was given to me I remember that person and enjoy the fond memories. These are indeed special memories and I believe that my Sister Dommes can totally relate to what I am saying here. I was recently speaking with an amazing Dominatrix who has over twenty five years in the industry. She has semi-retired and had been deciding what she wanted to keep from what she wanted to let go of. Going through her equipment was like traveling through countless memories and she described how hard it was to decide, because everything was an important memento (she described wiping away the tears). This is a testament of her dedication to her craft, and to the many great memories and experiences shared, memories that are very important and most often very dear to those who hold them.

I would like to thank some of the people who recently added items to my collection.....

THANKS SO MUCH!!!! 'slave spike' recently contributed a kink engineeering Vac Bed to the Studio!

Thanks to the 'sub chuck' who purchased a stainless steel cart for my medical collection. It has proven to be a very useful addition!

Thanks to 'Mike' for the ego assassin gift certificate that resulted in a beautifully made black and red latex outfit from ego assassin.

A Folsom device was recently added to my electro toy collection, thanks so much!!!

Thanks to 'Jim' who has sent me half a dozen pairs of thigh high boots over the years and who just sent me a collection of bdsm DVD's and a toy for my medical toy collection.

My corset size is 24. Shoes or Boots in Size 9. Please contact me via email at
elle@dominaelle.com to receive a copy of my wishlist. For any latex clothing please email me for detailed measurements.

I deeply appreciate all the people who make it possible for me to do what I do, without your participation it would not be possible.

I would like to thank all those who contributed their time, effort, talents, skills, sweat, to the recent move and remodel. I AM VERY GRATEFUL!

We are human beings on the adventure of life and these are moments in our lives that truly matter. I am proud to be a 'play facilitator' or a 'Dominant Surrogate' as I also like to call myself.

To all the people who dare to LIVE, explore and adventure and to create themselves according to their dreams and not according to the fears, intolerance and the stigmas that exist, I wish you the highest of regards!

~Domina Elle
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